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Brighter skies but a lot cooler along with normal air _ 050318

Arirang News
Arirang News
Good afternoon. Expect a chilly and breezy Thursday in South Korea,... while Tokyo and Beijing will have warmer temperatures with morning showers in Japan's capital city.
Yesterday's rain helped to ease the dryness in the air and we have better air quality here in Korea,... but there's been a big drop in temperatures. Have a jacket handy. Highs will also be a lot lower than seasonal averages.

Seoul and Chuncheon will get up to 15 degrees Celsius. Gyeongju and Daegu will reach 20 degrees.

Expect another cool day tomorrow but it will remain mostly sunny with warm readings into the long three-day weekend.

With that, let's take a look at the international weather for viewers around the world.

South Korea will have a breezy Thursday under partly sunny skies, while some parts of North Korea will see lingering showers.

Manila experienced the hottest day of the year so far on Wednesday afternoon with a high of 36.8 degrees, expect another steamy day.

Over in Melbourne, hazy conditions will continue until strong winds set in.

Heading to North America, thunderstorms are moving into the Chicago area Wednesday afternoon, and could become worse with severe thunderstorms alerts issued for area.

As for South America, Bogota will be showery into next week.

Taking you to Europe,...Big temperature differences will continue in Madrid under mostly sunny skies.

Lastly to Africa, moderate temperatures are predicted for Cape Town as heavy rain clears up on Thursday.

That's all the weather update for now