Call of Duty Black Ops II Masterclass Round 3 Kill Confirmed Kerrang! v Zoo

  • 5 years ago
The COD Black Ops II Masterclass is here. We've picked the finest Call Of Duty talent across the Kerrang! Radio, Zoo, Empire & editorial teams to battle it out on the next instalment of the award winning Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops II.

Our contestants have been put through rigorous training with Activision's finest to give them the best fighting chance in the COD Black Ops Masterclass battle of the brands.

Each week two of our brands will go head to head in a range of multiplayer matches & maps to truly find out who is bigger and better., Kerrang! Radio, FHM, Zoo or Empire?

Check back each week to track the progress of our hopefuls in their quest to see who will rule the roost.