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Ranbir Kapoor MISBEHAVES With Media & SNATCHES Mobile

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Bollywood Trivia
Alright so here is the real Ranbir all angry at a photographer for clicking him on his way back home.
Ranbir was furious apparently and made no bones of snatching the camera from the journalist of Indian Express thus hitting big news.

So is Ranbir upset and irritated because of the break up? Is he really missing Kat? Is he guilty ? What is it then that ired the otherwise cheerful and mastiwala star so much.
The Jagga Jasoos star was returning home when he saw this photographer take his pic.
Isn't it a lil sad and depressing that our fav Jodi Ranbir Kat are no longer together and aren't we oh so sad to see Ranbir flaring like this.

Of course don't worry Ranbir gave the cellphone back to the guy in question but Ranbir did leave a lasting impression hai na?
Let us hope he cools down and resorts to being his older self what say?
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