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3 years ago

Shahrukh Khan's HORRIBLE Silly Mistakes In Fan Movie

Bollywood Trivia
Bollywood Trivia
Well we have been continuously hearing about the huge success if Shahrukh's Latest flick Fan.But did you know that there are many Goof Ups in the movie which are really glaring in the eye.

Shahrukh's Prosthetic
Apparently SRK underwent a lot of prosthetic wherein his size was shrunk to make him look thin . But throughout the movie we saw both Shahrukhs - Gaurav and Aryan looking the same.

The Make Up Room
We saw Gaurav going into Aryan's make up room in Bhutiani's wedding and later cones dressed as SRK. At the same time we see Aryan mingling with public wearing a similar suit when there was only one suit in the make up room.

SRK at Madame Tussaud's
We saw Gaurav at Madame Tussaud's Museum carrying beverage when the Royal Museum dies not allow food or beverage inside.

Gaurav at Mannat
When Gaurav comes to Aryan's house which is the real Mannat he says that he wishes to avoid the cavalcade of The Press and asks to take a right. In reality there us no such right turn and there never is so much crowd of press outside his house.

Date Change in Cam
When Gaurav tries to enter Shahrukh's house the cam shows the date as 23.10.2015 and the very next scene on the same day the date changes to 24th. How is this possible?

Selfie Goof Up
When SRK takes a selfie then he is shown in a particular angle but in reality the selfie is taken in a different angle.

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