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3 years ago|2.9K views

Filming of ‘Manhunt' in Twickenham stirs controversy on social media

Film crews were seen shooting footage for the upcoming ITV drama “Manhunt” in Twickenham on April 24, which stirred controversy on social media.

The drama, starring Martin Clunes, is based on the real-life murders of several young women, including Amelie Delagrange and Milly Dowler.

Several local residents were outraged when filming took place at Twickenham Green, where Delagrange was brutally murdered in 2004, and turned to social to vent their anger.

Below are just some of the comments that were posted on social media:

@thedutchmeister Well that’s appalling. Recreating a still fresh in the mind, real-life murder scene on the actual site it happened

@escapeman I could only see one Filming sign around the whole Green so loads of people were wondering if there had been a real murder. Not great

@only_sian A little insensitive to the memory of the young woman who was actually murdered there