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338 Spectre (Loading and Unloading 300 gr. Nosler CC Subsonic Ammo)

Short video showing how I make 300 gr. subsonic ammo for my .338 spectre SBR ar-15 using Nosler Custom Competition bullets. Loading the ammo and then unloading the ammo. Please excuse the bad shooting on my part. We had shot for several hours before this, and right before shooting this one, we had done a single shot 300 blk duel on the dueling tree that took forever and made my wussy arms tired. The ammo does shoot accurately and hits very hard for being subsonic ammo. Come summer time, I will need to do some penetration testing with this ammo. The bullets from this ammo are going 990 fps give or take about 5 fps. I am using LESS than 10 gr of lilgun powder.

Equipment used:

338 Spectre SBR
Liberty Mystic X suppressor
Forster Co-Ax press
Frankford Arsenal reloading trays
RCBS powder measure
Hornady powder scale
Converted 10mm magnum brass from starlinebrass.com
Nosler Custom Competition 300 gr .338 bullets
CCI 350 large pistol magnum primers
lilgun powder


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