5 years ago

"Bunny Fart" 300blk Loads Using 30 cal NOE Air Rifle Mold for Bolt Actions & Single Shots

I needed a bunch of quiet ammo to use in a friendly 300 blk single shot duel on a dueling tree so I made some for a friend and myself. This ammo is designed to be used in my bolt action Remington 700 SPS tactical as well as my CVA Scout V2 pistol and CVA Scout rifle and my friend's Handi Rifle in 300 blk. With a suppressor, these are very quiet--much quieter than the AR-15 subsonic ammo using the louder sounding magnum powders. These will not cycle in an AR-15--but I have shot them in mine but had to cycle the action each time. Trailboss is a great powder for subsonic loads in bolt action rifles and single shots because it is a light fluffy powder that fills up most of the case. I can make these so inexpensively that I don't feel bad blasting away. The brass lasts a long time with these low pressure loads too. I will try to record a video next time I shoot some.

Equipment Used:

RCBS Pro Melt
NOEbulletmolds.com 130gr .308 bevel base air rifle mold
Hornady Lock N Load Press
Old 9mm ammo box plastic trays
Hornady Dies
Trailboss powder, S&B SR primers, Converted brass
Harbor Freight plastic bins

Music Used:

"The Big Guns" by Silent Partner