5 years ago

Making Super Heavy Subsonic 9mm Ammo 155 gr -w NOE 358-155-TC Mold

Quick video using the NOE 358-155-TC super heavy 9mm bullet mold. I am loading them with a small charge of HP-38 powder. I shoot them with my Glock 19 with a Stormlake threaded barrel with the Liberty Mystic X suppressor as well as my Lone Wolf 9mm SBR with the crappy Huntertown Arms AK suppressor. The ammo shoots straight, but sometimes I don't :)

Equipment Used:
-NOE 358-155-TC super heavy 9mm bullet mold
-RCBS Pro-Melt
-NOE Mould Mallet (Sprue Whacker)
-Powderbuythepound powder coat powder
-Lee push through sizing die
-HP-38 Powder
-Hornady Lock-N-Load reloading press


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