5 years ago

Casting, Loading, & Testing 230gr RN 45ACP Plinking Ammo NOE H&G34 Mold

A quick video showing how I make my round nose plinker ammo for my 45 acp firearms. The mold I use is the NOE 454-230-RN (HG34) 5 cavity aluminum mold. It is probably my best and most reliable 45 acp bullet across all of my 45acp firearms. Here is a link to that: http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/index.php?cPath=41_159 There is also a newer slick sided version of that same bullet mold which I am very anxious to cast with. The bullets should jump out of the mold with that one: http://noebulletmolds.com/NV/index.php?cPath=84_512 The powder coating powder I use is from powderbuythepound.com and I really love the clear coating powders. I've had good results with the "glass clear" powder. Any questions, feel free to message me in the comments section. If you want to support my channel, please visit either paypal.me/fullleadtaco or patreon.com/fullleadtaco Thanks for watching and subscribing!


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