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4 years ago

Brave Frontier Global Rare Summon Douglas Series Summon Rate Up 10 Summons! (Part 1)

Trying to get Douglas from this event!! Enjoy :D\r
NEW 6-stars EVOLUTION in JUNE!\r
Increased #RareSummon Rate: Lava, Mega, Douglas, Emilia, Will, & Alice June 6-8, 16:59 PST\r
Summoners! The elemental masters, Fire God Lava, Commander Mega, Gun God Douglas, Goddess Emilia, God Knight Will, and Scythe God Alice, have already begun transcending towards their next powerful forms! Because of this, the Rare Summon Gate has been granted a blessing and will have increased summoning rates for their 4-star and 5-star versions starting June 6, 17:00 PST until June 8 16:59 PST!\r
Head to the Rare Summon Gate NOW and boost your squads elemental prowess! Good luck, Summoners! #BraveFrontier