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3 years ago

Whether to hold joint military drills on day of historic inter-Korean summit is to be decided later

Arirang News
Arirang News
합참, 남북정상회담 당일 한미연합훈련 시행여부, 한미 협의해서 내주 결정

An annual joint military exercise between Seoul and Washington is expected to kick off next week.
However, defense officials have yet to decide whether the drills will be held also on the day of the highly anticipated inter-Korean summit.
According to our Park Ji-won, the date will be determined after close consultations between military leaders of both sides.
With the historic inter-Korean summit scheduled for next Friday,... the nation's defense ministry said it is currently undecided,...on whether to hold joint military drills between South Korea and the U.S. on the day of the summit.
The spokesperson of the nation's Joint Chiefs of Staff said during a regular press briefing on Thursday morning,... that the decision will be made sometime next week,... after a close consultation with the U.S.

"Whether to execute the Key Resolve exercise on the day when the inter-Korean summit is to be held will be decided, after a consultation with the U.S., considering both Seoul and Washington's intended aims and achievements shown through the joint military drills."

The Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Jeong Kyeong-doo and his U.S. counterpart General Vincent Brooks,... have reportedly discussed the issue,... and they are expected to make a final decision next week.
Starting the beginning of this month,... the two countries resumed their Foal Eagle exercise,... which is held annually for four weeks.
Key Resolve, an annual computerized simulation exercise,... will start next Monday,... and it is slated to last for two weeks.
Park Ji-won, Arirang News.

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