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10 Facts You Gotta Know About The Birth Control Pill | Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills | Risks | Contraception |

10 Facts You Gotta Know About The Birth Control Pill | Side Effects Of Birth Control | Contraception
What is Contraceptive Pill?
The oral contraceptive pill, commonly known as the pill, is a hormone-based method of preventing pregnancy. It can also help resolve irregular menstruation, painful or heavy periods, endometriosis, acne, and premenstrual syndrome.
Very Important That-
Birth control pills do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Only a condom can help prevent this type of infection.

Few Risk of Birth Control Pills-
1. Intermenstrual spotting.
2. Nausea.
3. Breast tenderness.
4. Headaches and migraine.
5. Weight gain.
6. Mood changes.
7. Missed periods.
8. Decreased libido.
9. Vaginal discharge.
10. Eye changes.
This Video we also discuss about Risk of Birth control pills.Also alternative ways to control to prevent Sexual transmitted Diseases.
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