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People & Business - These Rich Self-Made Women Beat Men At Their Own Game In Wall Street

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Wall Street has traditionally been male dominated at the very top. Even though this trend does not look like changing, it refreshing to see women breaking through.

In recent years, a lot more women have started giving their male counterparts a run for their money by breaking into the top.

These four powerful women have a joint net worth of more than $2 billion and manage a total of more than $60 billion in assets.

Nancy Zimmerman

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Bracebridge Capital cofounder, Nancy Zimmerman, is on this list. She cofounded Bracebridge Capital in 1994 with Gabriel Sunshine.

Her fund manages investments for Princeton and Yale Universities. The Boston-based Hedge fund is known to have over $10 billion of assets under management.

Anne Dinning

Next up on this list is one of the powerful people behind the success of D. E. Shaw, Dr. Anne Dinning. Although she is a relative newcomer on this list, she has an estimated net worth of around $600 million.

She was offered the role of junior researcher and soon rose through the ranks. Dinning was eventually put in charge of most of the company’s hedge fund activities. She retired from the job in 1999 but returned in 2002.

Since she returned from retirement, assets under management of the firm has grown from below $5 billion to over $40 billion. She has since moved from the executive committee to managing director.

Victoria Zoellner

Although she has been around for some time, Victoria Zoellner is a relative newcomer on this list.

With enough experience as a Wall Street portfolio analyst, Victoria concentrated on merger arbitrage while her husband focused on stock trading.

Alpine manages more than a billion dollars in net assets and even till this day, has been able to retain its original investors from the 70s.

Victoria maintains her position as chairman and owner of the company. Her estimated net worth is around $500 million

Sonia Gardner

Sonia Gardner is a former lawyer who partnered with her brother, Marc Lasry to start a business.

Gardner was awarded the Industry Leadership Award in 2008 for being in the 100 Women in Hedge Funds’. The Hedge Fund Journal in 2010 and 2011 added her to the list of Top 50 Women in Hedge Funds.

Succeeding on Wall Street is not as simple as many will have us believe. Succeeding as a woman, on the other hand, is equally more challenging. Rising above these challenges and the status quo, to establish yourself as a serious contender in a world dominated by men is an amazing feat.

This is mainly why many cheer these self-made women on with many younger women looking up to them as role models. Women are consistently proving to be able to match their male counterparts boot for boot.

We do hope to one day see more women at the top in Wall Street. As it stands, these women are inspiring the younger generation to challenge the status quo and not only that but to challenge and win.