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4 years ago

ScreenBeam Mini2: How to Setup / Install | Mobile Phone & Laptop Wirelessly

I show you how to setup and then install the ScreenBeam Mini2 by ActionTec to your smartphone and laptop. You simply need to first plug the ScreenBeam into your HDTV then you can link / connect it to your smartphone and/or laptop. Note that your phone must have a screen mirroring feature but it can be named something else besides screen mirror like smart view, cast screen, allshare cast, media output, etc. \r
Your laptop will also need to be widi compatible. You can check your laptop specification to see if you have this. Also there could be a logo sticker on your laptop. Note that many of the Intel processors will have a widi (wireless display). Let me know if you have any questions and please subscribe for more videos. Thank you. \r
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