DIY Edible Snapchat Filters | EAT Snapchat | How To Make GIANT Snapchat App Edibles, Food & Treats!

  • 6 years ago
DIY Edible Snapchat Filters | EAT Snapchat | How To Make GIANT Snapchat App Edibles, Food & Treats!\r
SaraBeautyCorner: \r
Saras GIANT Lollipop: \r
Timmy Timato: \r
Timmys Giant Hot Cheeto: \r
Alejandro Valdes: \r
Alejandros Giant Taco: \r
GlamourLifeFox: \r
Krissys Giant Edible Lipstick: \r
Chelsea Crockett: \r
Chelseas Edible Cups: \r
Gillian Bower: \r
Gillians Giant Donut: \r
SoCraftastic: \r
Sarahs Giant Cupcake: (Coming Soon)\r
Clarissa May: \r
Clarissas Beauty Guru Hacks Tested: \r
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In this diy tutorial, Im showing you how to make some easy and fun snapchat filter treats! Yes! Make snapchat filters into food, desserts and party favors for any occasion! I show you how to create the tomato snapchat filter into a giant yummy creation! I also show you how to bake a delicious rainbow snapchat filter into a colorful cookie! Perfect for birthday parties, events and so much more! This is a fun food craft and project for teens, adults and parents looking for some pastry yummies to create together! I show you how to make jello or jelly eyeballs out of gelatin and frosting! These would be great for halloween or a snapchat party! They are creepy and super cute! I also show you how to make an edible snapchat logo with the cute snapchat ghost! There are so many awesome sweets to create!\r
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