5 years ago

DIY gopro camera stabilizer for free - producttank

I wanted to show you how I built a free DIY camera stabilizer for my GoPro digital camera without using any tools, just Lego, tape, elastic bands and a sheet of paper. \r
Following the GoPro camera crane that I built here: \r
people commented that whilst they liked the design, they couldnt make it for themselves, so for this project, I wanted to build a DIY system that anyone could make without any tools. I made a standard camera stabiliser for my DSLR, but it was far to heavy for prolonged use and difficult for anyone else without a workshop to replicate. I turned to Lego as its fantastic for building rigs for all sorts of things and lots of people have Lego or know someone who has, even if its been in a box in the attic for many years as mine had. \r
There are lots of videos of camera stabilizers on youtube, but this one is different as my design also includes a vibration mount that uses elastic bands to counter shake. Its based on the design of the Steadicam system, but unlike the Steadicam systems I have seen, my vibration system cushions horizontal and vertical movement. I think this really helps take out the vibration caused when walking and is a simple step further than many free home made systems out there.\r
The GoPro is perfect for using in a camera stabilizer system as they are light enough to use all day without your wrist aching. The only problem is without a screen, its impossible to frame shots, so I improved the design further by adding a handle system that holds an Ipad or other tablet with the GoPro app on it, this could also be modified to hold a mobile phone.\r
Current Camera stabilisers on the market are really expensive for what they are and I hope this video shows how easy it is to make one for yourself, either for free, or for very little money. At the end of the video I make an indoor design using cardboard, tape, a sewing needle, a golf tee and some coins, just in case people watching dont have any Lego near-by.\r
Following requests, here is a parts list for the Lego version. You can buy peices from various suppliers on the internet, depending on your location. Quantities of each part are at the end after the equals.\r
Camera Holder (for the Go Pro only):\r
Connector peg = 2\r
Plate 6x10 = 1\r
Technic Brick 1x8 diameter 4.9 = 2\r
Technic Brick 1x6 diameter 4.9 = 2\r
Technic Brick 1x4 diameter 4.9 = 1\r
corner plate 1x2x2 = 2\r
plate 2x4 3x diameter 4.9 = 3\r
You will also need an elastic band and a sheet of paper or thin foam.\r
Balancing Arms:\r
Technic Brick 1x16 diameter 4.9 = 7\r
Technic Brick 1x12 diameter 4.9 = 4\r
Cross Axle 6m = 10\r
Bush for Cross Axle = 22\r
Plate 2x10 = 1\r
Technic Brick 1x8 diameter 4.9 = 1\r
Brick 4x2 = 3\r
Connector peg = 4\r
Small Elastic Bands and Selotape\r
Tensioning system:\r
Technic Brick 1x16 diameter 4.9 = 4\r
Connector peg = 24\r
Connector peg cross axle = 6\r
half bush = 6\r
Technic Brick 1x2 diameter 4.9 = 10\r
Technic Brick 1x6 diameter 4.9 = 8\r
Technic Brick 1x8 diameter 4.9 = 8\r
Technic Brick 1x10 diameter 4.9 = 6\r
Technic Brick 1x12 diameter 4.9 = 2\r
Technic Brick 1x4 diameter 4.9 = 1\r
Plate 2x8 = 9\r
Plate 2x10 = 5\r
Plate 2x12 = 2\r
3L joint - have to use ebay\r
Cross Axle 6m = 1\r
Bush for Cross Axle = 2\r
Connector peg cross axle = 1