5 лет назад

Little Farmers - Trors, Harvesters & Farm Animals for Kids - Top App for Kids

iPad iPhone: \r
In Little Farmers your kids can drive real 3D trors, plow the fields, plant corn, wheat and sunflowers seeds and gather them with the big harvester! Your kids will be able to run a real farm and experience the life of a farmer with real 3D machines. \r
On the second farm you take care of pigs, chickens and cows. Make sure to feed them, give them with water and clean the stables. \r
Discover funny and hidden animations around the two farms with your child. \r
Little Farmers is very intuitive and easy to use. \r
Main attrions on your 2 farms: \r
• Plant wheat, corn and sunflowers seeds\r
• Drive the big harvesters\r
• Collect the harvest with the trailer and unload at the silo\r
• Feed pigs, cows and chickens\r
• Load and unload the water truck\r
• Get sticker rewards for every task completed\r
Amazing graphics, great animations, a user-friendly interface, no text and no in-app purchases. -