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Lets Play!: Five Nights at Freddys [Demo]

Reubenaltha 6240
BET YA DIDNT EXPECT THIS!? I figured out this game works on here so I have a try at it. As you can hear from my speech, it was obviously a grave choice. \r
But seriously this game is very wonderful, after all it freaks the fuck out of me to the point of me not wanting anything more to do with it. I apologize for not even getting the demo completed but it seems this game spooked me far more than I expected it too. (Not to mention it took 5-6 hours to render this freaking video because of the amount of graphics on it.)\r
So what do you think? Is this pain enough to not do it again? Do I have to do more? Am I cursed to be haunted by Bonnie for the rest of my days?\r
Download Demo here!:\r