Siblings Giovanni and Guiliana Had Recess Together for the First Time on National Siblings Day

  • 6 years ago
Siblings Giovanni and Giuliana were excited to have recess together for the first time on April 10, which also happened to be National Siblings Day.Giovanni is a ten year old boy who suffers from Schwartz Jampel Syndrome which is a rare disorder that affects muscle and bone development, among many other things. His little sister, Giuliana, is in a different grade which prevented them from having recess together, until now! Although this calls for celebration, the siblings were met with some objection when Guiliana wanted to join Giovanni and his friends in a game of football. Giovanni’s friends did not want his sister to join their game because she was a girl and they did not think she would be able to keep up. After Giovanni asked his friends to give her a chance, they were pleasantly surprised by her ability and agreed to let her play with them moving forward. The video captures the two of them recalling the experience that left them both with a smile on their face. Credit: Shannon Algarin via Storyful