5 years ago

Float AdSense and other Ads on left or right side of your Blog - YouTube

Learn how to Float AdSense and any other third party Ads on left or right side of your Blog?

For Blog tutorial please go through this https://goo.gl/tmQqnk URL.

Step #1:Go to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step #2: Select "Layout" tab.

Step #3: Click on "Add a Gadget" then select "HTML/JavaScript" gadget.

Step #4: From popup window select "HTML/JavaScript" gadget.

Step #5: Now paste the floating ad widget script in "HTML/JavaScript" gadget.

Step #6: Log into your AdSense account and from Ad Unit create any responsive ad unit and copy the ad code.

Step #7: Now return to the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget and replace “Ads code here” text by AdSense ad code. And click "Save" button to close the popup window.

Step #8: Again click on “Save arrangement” button from the top right corner.