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4 years ago

Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Injury Kettle Bell Rotates

Insync Physiotherapy
Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Injury: Exercise Rehab
Insync Physiotherapy
4088 Cambie St. #102
Vancouver, BC   V5Z 2X8

Ok! So today we’re going to do some “Kettle Bell Rotates”, and this is really great for the rotator cuff in conjunction with strengthening the scapular muscles. And so what we’re going to start off with… Iyad’s got a kettle bell; And so the reason why a kettle bell is actually better is because with a dumbbell the weight is kind of on the side and with a kettle bell the weight is actually going straight down right through the forearm. So we’re going to start off basically holding a… so this is a 10 pounder here so it’s a little more as you get stronger in your rotator cuff. If you’re a little bit weaker at first start off with a 5 pounder, but with a 10 pounder it gets a little bit heavier. So what Iyad’s going to do is bring his arm into a 90 degree angle and keep the shoulder at a 90 degree angle and you can see that the weight is going down straight through the forearm here right down. And so he’s going to do a rotation going outwards all the way and inwards all the way and he’s going to do a bunch of those. That’s it… Good! And this whole time you want to just keep that core tight, trying to see that elbow up… Nice! And you want to do that for 30 seconds. That looks good Iyad! Great! And then what you’re going to do is straighten out that arm all the way… so this is the second phase of it. And you want to do the exact same thing, and the weight is still going straight down the arm. Doing a full rotation inwards, that’s called “Internal Rotation”, and a full rotation outwards which is “External Rotation”. And do 30 seconds of that. Perfect! And then you want to do 3 sets of that. Ideally, you want to do it on both sides too, but the side that you’re rehabbing is what you’re going to focus on.