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Mera Haq - Episode 25 | Har Pal Geo

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#Mera Haq - Episode 25 | Har Pal Geo

The story is based on sisters’ rivalry, greed and dominance. Hina and Saba are sisters, Hina is elder, divorced and have recently moved back to her parents’ home with a seven year old son. Saba is the youngest and a kind hearted girl who is always seems to compromise on things to make Hina happy/ comfortable.
Ali and Omair are brothers and their paternal cousins, moved from US and living with them (Hina and Saba) for some time. Ali has moved to Pakistan with his grandmother as he wants to establish a business here, also to marry a Pakistani girl. As the play progress we will see Ali and Saba’s friendship nurturing and Hina constantly plotting against them. Soon Ali will be drawn to Hina and despite everyone’s initial reluctance Ali will marry Hina and accept her son as his own. Meanwhile Saba struggles with her lost love for Ali, she has not recovered from her grief.

Soon Omair, Ali’s elder brother (divorced and father of a 8 year old daughter) shows interest in Saba with families consent they will be married but Saba have accepted this proposal to take revenge from her sister for all the misdeeds she has done in past years.

Written by: Asif Asad
Directed by: Fahad Rehmani
Produced by: Erum Binte Shahid
Production House: DramayBaaz Productions

Cast: Madiha Iftikhar, Arooba Mirza, Shamyl Khan, Bilal Qureshi, Shaista Jabeen, Anwer Iqbal, Zaheen Tahira, Fauzia Mushtaq, Mariam Shafi

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