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4 years ago

Double Eze Too Powerful !? Better Farm On Terminus Now? (Brave Frontier Global)

Frontier Hunter EX25 is here in global, 2 days after the 6 heroes got their omni evolution. I tried to showcase the power of double omni Eze leader combo in this video, and the result was good. And. as for the comparison, its like getting more than 55M pts on Mid but with only 12 minutes needed? Find out more in the video. Enjoy! :D\r
Also watch more about omni evo here :\r
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Verne (Omni Evo) : \r
Cyrus (Omni Evo) : \r
Omni Krug : \r
Omni Lance : \r
Omni Eze : \r
Omni Atro : \r
Omni Magress : \r
Omni Selena : \r
Omni Vargas : \r
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