BART SIMPSON Giant Play-Doh Surprise Egg Legos Simpsons Series 2 Blind Bags

  • 6 years ago
Lego Minifigures, The Simpsons Series 2 opening by Woobys Toy Box. These are the Simpsons Lego Blind Bags # 71009. There are a total of 16 charers to collect in these Simpsons Lego Minifigures Blind Bags. The charers include:\r
Groundskeeper Willie\r
Mrs. Krabappel\r
Julius Hibbert\r
Comic Book Guy\r
Fallout Boy\r
Professor Frink\r
Waylon Smithers Jr.\r
Patty Bouvier\r
Selma Bouvier\r
Hans Moleman\r
Martin Prince\r
Homer Simpson\r
Marge Simpson\r
Lisa and Snowball\r
Maggie and Santas Little Helper\r
The charers we got today include:\r
Smithers (again)\r
Smithers (ugh again)\r
Edna Krabapple\r
Homer Simpson\r
Comic Book Guy\r
Believe it\r
By: Jingle Punks\r
By: Topher Mohr and Alex Elana\r
Early Riser\r
By: Kevin MacLeod