5 years ago

Thomas the Quarry Engine

Sorry for the absence of a video for awhile guys, with the combination of Final Exams with school, and my hard drive failing, Its been quite hard to make a remake, but the long wait is over and I have something you dont see everyday, a CGI remake! I felt I did really good with this one and I hope it stays that way for the rest of the summer! In other news I ordered a brand new computer witch will be 100x better than this laptop Ive been using for 2 years, Ill tell you guys the specs when it arrives. anyway hope you guys enjoy and happy summer everyone!\r
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All Audio and footage used from the Thomas and Friends TV Series\r
is Copyrighted to Hit Entertainment Limited\r
This video has been fan made and i own nothing or endorse anything\r
Credit Music by Tuggie\r
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