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4 years ago

To give & To Receive - Japanese Lesson 7 - Japanese for beginners

To give & To Receive - Japanese Lesson 7 - Japanese for beginners\r
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In this lesson you will learn 2 very useful Japanese verbs agemasu - to give and moraimasu - to receive. Proper sentence structure will also be covered, adding places, people and time to the sentence.\r
agemasu - to give\r
moraimasu - to receive\r
kyou - today\r
ashita - tomorrow\r
kino - yesterday\r
asatte - day after tomorrow\r
ototoi - day before yesterday\r
tokei - watch\r
keki - cake\r
hon - book\r
takai - expensive\r
oishii - delicious\r
nihon no hon - japanese book\r
tomodachi - friend\r
Sentence structure:\r
Subject + wa (particle) + Time (day of the week) + Person + ni (particle) + adjective + noun (object) + o (particle for object) + verb (agemasu / moraimasu)\r
Suzuki san wa ototoi tomodachi ni takai tokei o agemashita\r
The day before yesterday Suzuki san gave an expensive watch to his friend.\r
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