Kids Toy Review | Twin Baby Dolls with Bunk Beds | Mini Twins Deluxe Room Set

  • 6 years ago
Madison does an UNBOXING | REVIEW of Twin Baby Dolls with Bunk Beds.\r
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This is a CIRCO Mini Twins Deluxe Room Set sold at Target. You can feed and change these dolls and pretend they poop and pee their diapers. Your children can learn to put their baby dolls to sleep in their own beds or bunkbeds. Learning to sleep a baby can be a lot of fun. This is a fun doll bedroom set. Twin dolls can also play with their ride-on animal toys. With this set your kids get to play pretend and be the mom or dad to their baby doll twins. This twins baby doll set comes with 2 mini twin dolls, a bunkbed for the dolls and bunk bed ladder, 2 magic baby bottles, one with orange juice and one baby bottle with milk, 2 ride-on play toys, doll bedding and mini pillows and blankets, and it comes with 2 changeable doll outfits. The doll bunk bed can be made into 2 separate baby beds or combined to make a bunk bed. Doll bed pretend play for children, toddlers, babies.