5 years ago

Bootleg Star Wars Figures | Ashens

Way back around 2001 I bought some fake Star Wars figures from Poundland. Now theyre on the internet, stinking up your bandwidth like an off-colour Chewbacca. Because thats literally what one of them is.\r
Standing twice as tall as a real figure and featuring blatantly stolen artwork, the exciting figures from the Galaxy Empire range help you re-en famous scenes from Star Wars in the wrong colour! And dont even ask about Han Solo. Terrifying.\r
Next up is a pair of fake Darth Vaders which make screeching and banging noises that seem to go on forever. I was genuinely slightly hurt reviewing these, which is always a hit with the audience.\r
Finally I segue into a Metal Ball Warrior by way of Micronauts and magnets. Whats a Metal Ball Warrior? Exly what it sounds like, disappointingly.