2017 McDonalds Happy Meal Minions Toys Complete Set Despicable Me 3 Keiths Toy Box Unboxing Demo

6 years ago
Get reunited with the minions with this complete set of 10 McDonalds Happy Meal Minions Toys, 2017 Asian Release.\r
1. Playful Minion\r
2. Groovin Minion\r
3. Rocket Racer Minion\r
4. Banana Launcher Minion\r
5. Minion Antics\r
6. Agnes Rockin Unicorn\r
7. Pumping Iron Minion\r
8. Despicable Duo\r
9. Crab Bite Minion\r
10. Minion Hydrocycle Surprise\r
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A Despicable Me minion toys unboxing, review and demo of toys for boys from Keiths Toy Box.\r
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Minions are also known as the following in other countries: Mimoni, Kätyrit, Minyonok, Pakalikai, Minioni, Mínimos, Minionii, Миньоны, Minioner, Mimoni\r
Despicable Me 3 is an American 3D computer-animated comedy film that is being produced by Illumination Entertainment and released by Universal Pictures. It will be the third installment in the Despicable Me film , and the sequel to Despicable Me 2 (new). It stars the voices of Steve Carell in a dual role, Kristen Wiig, and Trey Parker. Gru faces off against Balthazar Bratt, a former child star who has grown up to become obsessed with the charer that he played in the 80s, and gets into some sibling rivalry when he meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist to steal the diamond that Bratt has stolen.\r
Despicable Me 3 is also knows as the following in other countries:Argentina Mi villano favorito 3\r
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Аз, проклетникът 3\r
Brazil Meu Malvado Favorito 3\r
Chile Mi villano favorito 3\r
Germany Ich - Einfach unverbesserlich 3\r
Spain Gru 3. Mi villano favorito\r
Finland Itse ilkimys 3\r
France Moi, moche et méchant 3\r
Greece ΕΓΩ, ο Απαισιότατος 3\r
Croatia Kako je Gru postao dobar\r
Hungary Gru 3\r
Italy Cattivissimo me 3\r
Lithuania Bjaurusis As 3\r
Latvia Nejaukais Es 3\r
Mexico (alternative title) Mi villano favorito 3\r
Norway Grusomme meg 3\r
Poland Gru, Dru i Minionki\r
Portugal Gru - O Maldisposto 3\r
Russia Гадкий я 3\r
Sweden Dumma mej 3\r
Ukraine Нiкчемний Я 3\r
Vietnam Ke Cap Mat Trang 3\r
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