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A Century of War 4 of 6 Vietnam DVD 14 (2of2) War 1964 - 1975 Vietnam

The Vietnam War
A Century of War 4 of 6 - Vietnam

This remarkable boxed set of over 85 films was released in 2009 by the United States National Archives. It consists of wartime footage, movie newsreels, and propaganda films made from World War I through the Vietnam Conflict. No subtitles are available. Furthermore, the majority of the DVDs were produced so that it was not possible to fully separate the films with normal ripping software. Therefore, many of the disks had to be ripped as one long AVI file; some containing multiple films. I have ripped every disk to the highest resolution possible, with an average bit pixel ratio of 1.50. I would have liked to have released it all as one huge torrent (I still might if the demand is high enough), but after all this work, I really do not want this to die an unseeded death, so I have decided to release it in 6 batches to keep the size down. The DVDs contained no special features of any kind. Several of these films were either nominated or even won Academy Awards back in the day, and are not commercially available in any other venue I am aware of. For each torrent, I will include the screenshots and technical stats for one representative film.

Rambam 1776

DVD 13
A Nation Builds under Fire (1966) The social revolution of South Vietnam, narrated by John Wayne.
To Save a Soldier (1966) Henry Fonda narrates this documentary about what it takes to rescue a wounded soldier.
Report on Marine Activities (1966) Footage of the USMC in action, featured recovery efforts and combat.
Another Day of War (1967) extraordinary film of the U.S. Air Force, including air and ground warfare, and rescues.

DVD 14
River Patrol (1967) A Navy Mobile Riverine Force patrols the Mekong Delta and battles with the Vietcong.
Vietnam Crucible (1968) War behind the scenes and out on the front lines, from training to operations and action.
USAF Combat Photography - Southeast Asia (1968) The 600 Photo Squadron jumps in the combat zones, risking their lives to film the war.
Where the Girls Are (1969) An airman suffers when he does not heed the precautions of the Department of Defense (uploaders note- this training film is hysterically funny!)

DVD 15
The Battle of Khe Sanh (1969) A film recounting Khe Sanh, often considered the most important battle of the war.
The 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment (1969) Watch the Blackhorse squadron move their massive vehicles from the road into the trees.
The 4th Infantry Division (1969) The most technologically advanced combat division in the battle of Dak and more.
The Faces of Resc

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