Roelly Winklaar Interview: How Dexter Jackson Created The Beast That Is Roelly | Arnold Classic 2018

  • 6 years ago
Dexter Jackson inspired Roelly Winklaar to become a pro. Can he now beat Dexter at Arnold Classic 2018?

Roelly Winklaar became pro by competing at the Arnold Classic Amateur and earning his pro card. The rest was history - as we now have one of the most massive and biggest fan favorites in pro bodybuilding today. But we may not have seen any of this if it weren't for Dexter Jackson doing a guest posing that was witnessed by a young Roelly Winklaar. It inspired him to go pro and Dexter was the man who gave him the advice to compete in the Arnold Classic Amateur to earn his pro card. Now in 2018, will Roelly take down his original inspiration by defeating Dexter "The Blade" Jackson... at the very competition he first became pro? We'll find out soon enough but in the meantime check out our full interview with Roelly above!

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