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4 years ago

How To Draw Foxy From Five Nights At Freddys Step By Step

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Whats up artists? You asked for it so here it to draw Foxy from Five Nights at Freddys step by step.\r
THANK YOU FOR 5000 SUBS! I appreciate it! 6000 here we come! :D\r
Drawing Foxy from FNAF is a little trickier than the others. Foxy is different shades of red and his body is a bit more complicated but he is very fun to draw! If you can draw Foxy, you can draw any FNAF charers!\r
Dont forget, you dont need promarkers, you can use colour pencils or paints too. Let me know if you gave it a go!\r
I hope you guys enjoy this video, if you do please like it and share :)\r
Heres what youll need;\r
- Some Paper\r
- A Pencil\r
- A Black Marker Pen\r
- A Light Red Pen\r
- A Red Pen\r
- A Dark Red Pen\r
- A Gold Pen\r
- A Grey Pen\r
- A White Gel Pen\r
- A Dark Pink Pen\r
Thank you for watching :) If you love FNAF please suggest the next drawing in the comments below.\r