5 years ago

Huge Surprise Family Fun Packed Vacation at Blizzard Beach Water Slide Park for Haileys 5th Birthday

Huge Surprise Family Fun Packed Vacation at Disneys Blizzard Beach WaterPark with giant water slide outdoor play area & Typhoon Lagoon for Haileys 5th Birthday party present! She had fun riding the big inflatable pool toy rafts down some of the biggest outdoor slides. TeamBoat Springs worlds longest water slide family fun raft ride was the coolest and some of the worlds biggest water slides can be found at the Disney WaterPark. They are great places for kids summer vacation having something for baby and toddlers in an outdoor play area up to teens like the worlds fastest water slide and even parents or adults cruising on the lazy river in an inflatable pool raft or bounce around riding down the biggest water slide whitewater rapids raft rides making it awesome for the whole family. Quite possibly the best vacation for children ever at a WaterPark with WaterSlide! Hailey loves themepark rides and went on Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror for the first time even if its a bit scary plus we stopped by the Toy Story Mania 3D interive ride. We even got lucky with a late reservation in the Magic Kingdom at the Princess Beauty and the Beast castle Be Our Guest restaruant for a wonderful steak dinner and special Birthday cake Disney celebration in Florida in this awesome family fun vacation kids review.