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The Lost Art Of Bodybuilding Posing | Bodybuilding Chronicles

This is why you should care more about bodybuilding posing.

There seems to be a huge disconnect in bodybuilding these days - and that has to do with the art of bodybuilding posing. As physiques have become more massive and the expectation has changed as to what the ideal physique should be in Men's Open... so too has the expectation changed for posing in the sport. So long as the mandatory poses are hit on point then there's no need for the "artistry" of the pose. The Golden Era was a time when the mandatory poses were hit but there was also an art in between each pose. An exciting journey of movement in tune to the music that lead the audience's eyes from pose to pose flawlessly.

Times have changed and while the Arnold Classic competitions have changed their rules recently to focus scoring more on posing... things are still very different from the way it used to be. The biggest question is - do the fans really want the art of the pose? Or is the ever pushing boundaries of mass monster physiques enough to keep their interest?

Shawn Ray breaks down the lost art of posing and talks about how, whether fans know they want it or not, it's an important part becoming a legendary competitor. How a bodybuilder reveals his muscle is just as important as the hard work and training done to build it up in the first place. Shawn takes a trip throughout the history of bodybuilding with a focus on the evolution of bodybuilding posing. Watch the full episode of Bodybuilding Chronicles above.

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