Hariyali chicken recipe/ easy and tasty hara masala chicken by Urdu Recipe

  • 6 years ago

Its very delicious and tasteful recipe..If you want to add something different to your dish why not try making this delicious chicken with Special Green Masala. :)


*Oil (1/4 cup)
*Chicken (1/2 kg)
*Ginger Garlic Paste (1 tbsp)
*Yougert (1 cup)
*Special Green Grinded Masala {coriender leaves 1cup + mint leaves 1/2 cup + small green Chillies (8-10)}
*Crush Red Chilli (1 tsp)
*Turmeric (1/4 tsp)
*Cumin crushed & roasted ( 1 tsp)
*Salt (1/2 tsp)
*Chicken cube (1)
*Whole Spice powder (1/4 tsp)
*Ginger julienne (1tbsp)
*Brown Onion Crushed (1 large OR 2 tbsp)


1.Take a pan add oil chicken, ginger garlic paste mix it and fry until change in colour.
2.Add Cube, Salt, Turmeric, Cumin roasted & crushed, Crushed red chilli flakes, Yougert and Special green grinded masala mix wel and cover about 10 mins (med flame) or until masala fry and oil come on top.
3.Masala fry properly then add Hot water, Crushed Brown onion, Ginger julienne, Whole spice powder and again cover for 10 mints (med flame).
4.HARA MASALA CHICKEN ready to serve,top on some sprikles chopped green coriender, mint leaves, green chillies, and ginger julienne...
5.HARA MASALA CHICKEN serve with Naan or Chapati or Rice.