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BBC to cap commentator’ earnings at most effective £320,000 year after year back of masculine ...

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BBC to cap commentator’ earnings at most effective £320,000 year after year back of masculine pay diversity row
THE BBC has expected a £320,000 cap on its statement managers' salaries back of an protest too masculine pay diversity. The tidemark also will worry newspapermans and coranswerents, despite the fact that the plans haven't been amply agreed or quit and people suffering from the cap happen to be the chance to answer, BBC News reports. The reporter spoken Jeremy Vine, Nicky Campbell, John Humphrys, Nick Robinson and Huw Edwards would make lowered wages. Figures distributed in 2017 reached Vine in with the corporation's best salaried stars, earning £700,000-£749,999; Humphrys, who presents the Radio 4 Today programme upon Robinson, earned in the midst of £600,000 and £650,000 and BBC News manager Edwards earned £550,000-£599,999. Vine hosts a weekday reach on Radio 2, in addition presenting in BBC News' balloting ctooage, even though Humphrys more presents Mastermind on BBC Two. Veteran reporter Humphrys agreed to cut his earnings to approximately £250,000 to £300,000, saw the BBC is now within a the various standing financially to its late.   Jon Sopel, BBC's North America newspaperman, has more preferred a pay cut. The figures distributed conclusion past reached he earned in the midst of £200,000-£249,999, even though Gracie earned £135,000-a-past. Radio 2's Chris Evans topped the 2017 file on greater than £2 bank, even though the best salaried wife was Claudia Winkleman on in the midst of £450,000 and £499,999. 00FastNews. Please Subscribe!

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