Man is Not Real Woman Ep21 - ชายไม่จริง หญิงแท้ 21

  • 6 years ago
Man is Not Real Woman Episode 21 - ชายไม่จริง หญิงแท้ ep.21

Rin (Mai Davika) alone from Bangkok to work earn money, every month to send money to her mother to redeem the land was tricked to sell, but her company is working again bankrupt suddenly Make her lose her job do not know where to go. Inadvertently, she met Ken, who had just been fired from the bar, and Ken encouraged her to attend a gay beauty contest, as the prize money for the winner was impressive. As for cheating, Rin felt insecure, but she could not refuse her request, and Rin eventually won the prize. Because of its superior beauty, Rin has won the lead role in a drama and Pak (Ter Chantavit) is the director of this movie, because day after night, Pak is born. feeling with Rin. But he himself does not like homosexuality, can not accept the love himself "man", but Pak can not control his heart finally decided to brave admitting love shelves gender What is Rin's character? He did not care about anyone else thinking that he was in love with a "man". At this time, Rin's female identity is revealed, where will the two of them go? Will Pak forgive Rin?