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  • 6 years ago
Another recipe from Dadi ka Pitara! Aam ka Khatta Achaar it is, tangy flavor of raw mangoes loaded with some awesome spices! A holy grail recipe in every Indian Household. Perfect summer recipe for raw mangoes. \r
Come, learn it the easy way from my Maa,\r
Raw Mango (Cut) - 1.5 kg\r
Salt - 90 g + for Soaking mangoes overnight - 3-4 Tbsp.\r
Turmeric - 2 Tbsp.\r
Chili Powder - 3 Tbsp.\r
Fenugreek Powder - 4 Tbsp.\r
Fennel Powder - 5 Tbsp.\r
Onion Seeds - 1 Tbsp.\r
Mustard Oil - 200 ml\r
Process: \r
1. Add the Cut Raw mango in a big bowl and add about 3-4 tbsp. of salt to it. Mix it and cover it and let it sit for atleast 8-10 hours (preferably overnight) Next morning, drain the mango pieces, so that the water is separated. The water which is collected can be used for anything else, like a Chana Achaar (Another pickle).\r
2. Now, the mango pieces need to be sun-dried for about 2-3 hours. Use a cloth, place the cut pieces onto it and let it dry. After the mango pieces are dried, the weight shall be 900 g. It reduces while drying. Set it aside.\r
3. Next, add the salt (90 g) in a big bowl and all the spices. Mix it and start adding the mustard oil, dont add all the oil at once, we need to make it like a paste so be slow and mix well.\r
4. Add the dried mango pieces to the oil and spice mixture and start mixing, use your hands preferably. You can wear gloves if you wish to. After mixing, make sure each mango piece is quoted in the masala. And, your achaar is ready.\r
5. Add it in a plastic/glass bowl and cover, let is sit for another 4-5 days without disturbing.\r
6. After 4-5 days, a final sun bath would be given, for 2-3 hours, and it would be ready to relish!\r
Notes & Cheats:\r
1. The mangoes you choose should be raw, and should not be yellowish.\r
2. Dont use steel utensils in any of the process of making the achaar. It can make the achaar rancid.\r
3. While sun-drying the mango pieces, use a cloth which you wont mind staining. Cause, the cloth might ually get stained.\r
4. The ratio of salt to dried mango pieces is 1:10, so if you have 900 g of dried mango pieces, salt would be 90 g. All the other spices measurements can be as per your preference.\r
Do let us know in the comments section, how does this go for you, if you try it out! :)\r
Until then,\r
Happy Cooking\r
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