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Spanish Omelette recipe- How to make Spanish Omelette in Hindi-Ultimate Spanish

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Spanish Omelette is the traditional dish from Spanish cuisine called tortilla espanola, tortilla de parat as or tortilla de papas
It is an Omelette made with Eggs and potatos,onion; fried in Olive oil and often served cold as an appetizer.


6 Eggs
3 Potato
2 Onions
5 to 6 tbsp Olive oil
salt for taste

1) Make thin slices of potatoes
2) Add finely chopped onion on the pan
3) Use 5 to 6 tablespoon olive oil for this recipe
4) Fry the onion thoroughly
5) Add ​​slices of potatoes
6) Fry onions and potatoes thoroughly, so that their full flavor came out in recipe
7) Shut the gas off
8) Take 6 eggs
9) Mix them well
10) Add potatoes and onions in it
11) Add salt to taste and mix it well
12) Cover it for 15 to 20 minutes
13) After 15 to 20 minutes it will be a bit thicker and the colour will get change a little bit
14) Cover this for 15 to 20 minutes
15) Put the pan on gas and turn it on
16) Add Olive Oil in it, place Olive oil everywhere on pan
17) Add the Egg beater in the pan
18) Cook it on high flame, Keep the gas on for 3 minutes
19) Then again, cook it on a low flame
20) After ten minutes, The omelet is cooked
21) Turn omlet over, To turn it, take a plate. Cover the plate on pan. Flip the omlet in the plate. Then put the plate on the pan and turn it over. Finally put it in pan again
22) Keep it on low flame for five minutes
23) Take out omelet in the plate
24) Omelette is ready and it is very fluppy and it is looking good

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