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Biggest Mysteries That Are Still UNSOLVED Today! 2018

Check out the biggest mysteries that are still unsolved to this day! These mysterious unexplained cases of strange objects or bizarre missings still have no explanation and possibly never will!

10. Baghdad Battery
We think of electricity as being a relatively recent invention that has revolutionized the way we live- but a discovery made during excavations in Iraq in 1938 has mystified historians and raised questions about our understanding of the ancient civilizations of the area.
German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig discovered three objects that fit neatly together to create what looks very similar to a battery. Now known as the Baghdad Battery, the three objects were in a terracotta pot with a copper sheet cylinder that contains an iron rod. If the pot were filled with an electrolyte solution it would be effective at storing a charge.
There’s debate as to whether this is actually a battery. The main problem is that these artifacts are more than 2000 years old, and there’s no record of any knowledge of electricity- nor have any similar objects ever been found from that time. In any case? What would ancient people need a battery for? What are they charging??
The components date back to a time where a more scientific approach began- so while they might not have understood current, it’s possible they stumbled over its properties and might not have known what to use it for. Until more evidence, such as wires or more batteries, is found- we’ll never know for sure what these were used for. All we know is that they most likely would have worked, because replicas have shown the technology to be capable of producing as much as 2 volts.

9. Olmec Stone Heads
These colossal heads weren’t officially documented until the early 20th century. So far 17 of these Olmec heads have been discovered in various locations across Mexico that were significant to the Olmec civilization. Ancient societies often carved magnificent sculptures into rock, but there is much mystery surrounding the Olmec people.
The sheer size of these heads suggests that the people they were meant to represent were extremely important to the Olmecs. They lived from 1200-400 BC, way before the more famous Mayans and Aztecs. Traces of paint were found, suggesting that the heads may have been colorfully painted and they were carved from massive boulders without using metal tools. Their incredible skill and sheer size, weighing between 4 and 60 tons, has baffled archaeologists for years.
No one knows how they were transported to their sites and there’s much debate as to the identity of the people the oddly shaped sculptures are meant to represent. Are they gods, warriors, or chieftain leaders- or, as some suggest, the celebrities of the day who were famous ball-court players?

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