Top 10 Biggest Armies in the World | Strongest Armed forces in the World | Best Armies in the world

  • 6 years ago
Check out the largest armies in the world! This top 10 list of biggest and most powerful armies on earth features the most impressive militaries our planet has to this day!

10. Egypt (454,250)
Egypt has the largest military force in Africa, and is integral to the security of the region. Having existed in its current form since 1952, the annual budget is thought to be around 4.4 billion dollars. They don’t develop any weapons themselves and, over the years, they have acquired technology from the US, France, UK, Russia and China. It’s also the second biggest beneficiary for US financial aid for the military. It is due to receive 1.48 billion dollars in 2018. Egypt has a policy of conscription, which means you must be a part of the armed forces anywhere between 1 and 3 years depending on your circumstances.
Despite recent political troubles in the country, the army has functioned almost independently from the government, and have been called in to try and help control the situation. The national needs of the government and the need for stability means that the armed forces of Egypt have not been deployed anywhere else in the world recently, but once the country has stabilized they are expected to take part in the world stage again.

9. Vietnam (482,000)
With a yearly budget of almost 3.5 billion dollars, the People’s army of Vietnam is the militaristic branch of the country’s Armed forces- the others being the Security Services and Militia Defence Force. It incorporates the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Border Defence Force, and Coast Guard. It’s the organization that was known as the Viet Minh during the French Indochina war, and the North Vietnamese army during the Vietnam War.
Nowadays the number of total active personnel is about 482,000 across all departments. What is pretty unusual is that the country has no forces stationed overseas since its withdrawal from Cambodia and Laos in the 1990’s. The only exception to this are the troops present on the Spratly Islands, which are the subject of dispute between a number of countries over who actually owns them. So the Spratly Islands kind of have a lot of different militaries on them!
As part of an effort to integrate with the world community, Vietnam joined the UN’s peacekeeping force in 2014, and sent their first officers as part of the mission to South Sudan. In terms of equipment, the PAVN mainly acquires technology from Russia, but since the lifting of restrictions in 2016 by President Obama, they are now able to purchase from the US, UK and a number of other western countries, so their capabilities are expected to significantly increase in the next few years.

8. Iran (534,000)
The Iranian Army includes the Ground Forces, Air Force, Navy, and Air Defense Base, and has an estimated yearly budget of close to 6.5 billion dollars.