6 years ago

How To Get A Green Card Through Bodybuilding | The Breakdown Clip

Guest host Stanimal De Longeaux explains how he earned his green card through going pro.

The state of international pro bodybuilding is shifting rapidly ever since the split between the IFBB and the IFBB Pro last year. Add on top of that a political climate that is changing the way immigration is being handled in the USA and you have a whole new playing field for international bodybuilders looking to compete in major US competitions such as the Arnold Classic or Mr. Olympia.

In this clip from our upcoming new episode of The Breakdown - Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea talk with Stanimal De Longeaux about the process of getting his green card through becoming a pro bodybuilder... and what it was like for him to prep for a bodybuilding show while dealing with his green card status.

The new episode of The Breakdown airs this Wednesday, January 17 only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network!
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