5 years ago

How to save £000s when selling your house or apartment - use the new online services that put you in control

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This video shows how you could save £000s when selling your house by NOT using a traditional real estate agent.



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New low-cost ways to sell your house. A traditional estate agent will charge between 0.75% and 3.0% of your property's sale price. Plus VAT. Ouch! On a typical £300,000 house that could be as much as £10,800. Scorchio! Fees this large put a serious dent in your funds. Wouldn't you rather have that money available to spend on your new property? Times are changing - your traditional estate agent now has lots of lower cost competition.

No.1 - The Hybrid Estate Agent. A local / regional estate agent with no high street presence. They have a mobile workforce who meet in shared workspaces and will travel to see clients. But much lower overheads means lower sales fees.

No.2 - The Online Agent. A number of these have sprung up in recent years with Purple Bricks probably the best known. They operate nationwide using local agents to value your property for free. Via an app you take control of setting up viewings. You'll also receive instant feedback from potential buyers. They will get your property listed on major portals such as Zoopla and Prime Location. The fee for this service is in the range of £849 to £1199 depending on region. But you'll pay this whether you sell or not!

No.3 - Sell it Yourself. Services like Houseweb.co.uk or Houseladder.co.uk allow you to take full control for £200 - £300. But remember that you'll be responsible for:

- Taking fantastic photos
- Writing an appealing description & drawing up floor plans
- Setting the asking price
- Being available for viewings
- Obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate

So, which route to sale should you choose? It will depend on:

- How much higher the final sale price achieved could be by using a professional estate agent
- How you value your time
- Whether you have the skills to prepare the sale particulars.