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How to Use Surgical Hogs in Clash of Clans

Alright guys here are some tips, tricks and techniques to using surgical hogs in Clash of Clans to get your clan some 3 stars in war. Hope it helps.\r
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Clash of Clans is a base building game that has the highest level of depth and strategy out there. Build your base to defend against armies of giants, wizards, dragons as well as dark troops such as hog riders, valkyries, and golems. Also level up your village barbarian king and queen to assist in your attacks, as well as to help defend your village. Wage epic clan wars against other players from around the word and try to 3 star their clans bases to take home the win and the loot bonus that comes along with victory. Progress through town hall levels until you get to town hall 10 and can unleash the devastating power of the inferno towers upon your enemies. The best mobile game, period.