Dickie Toys: Big Airport City with Colorful Small Car Toys for Boys Loading and Unloading

  • 7 years ago
new video for kids playing with Dickie Toys Airport, with Small Car Toys for Boys and colorful trucks dickie toy airplane, parking garage and helicopter.\r
Playing with Dickie Toys Big Airport City, cars, trucks helicopter and airplane. Small Car loadind and unloading airport bagages. Dickie Toys Airport City. Play set include: toy parking, toy airplane, toy trucks, toy airpot map and toy helicopter. At the end of the video bonus with hot wheel car. Video for boys with truck for kids.\r
Играем в аэропорт с самолетом и машинками, в конце видео bonus с машинкой hot wheels. Видео для мальчиков с самолетом.\r
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