Judas Priest: Breaking The Law - Drum Cover by Dr. Ums

  • 6 years ago
Just me boppin' around to a fun tune by one of my favorite bands. Nothing screams for vengeance like jade plants and erotic statues!

Drum Stats:
Tried-and-true Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau
22" bass w/Evans EMAD2 Level 360 batter and Remo UX resonant
16" floor tom w/Evans EC2 batter and genera g1 resonant
14" rack tom w/Evans EC2 batter and genera g1 resonant
12" rack tom w/Evans EC2 batter and genera g1 resonant
14" Tama snare (maple) w/Remo Black X batter and Evans 300 hazy resonant

Cymbal Stats:
22" Zildjian Rock Ride
18" Meinl Live Sound Crash (cracked and old like myself)
16" Zildjian A Rock Crash
14" Zildjian New Bear Hi Hat

Hardware Stats:
Yamaha single chain kick pedal
CS 755 boom cymbal stand (2)
CS 750 straight cymbal stand
Hs650 hi hat stand

Sticks Stats:
Vic Firth 5A (wood and nylon tip)

Audio Recording/Editing Stats:
Audacity software
Behringer Eurotrack UBB02 mixer
Shure SM57 mic (2)

Video Recording/Editing Stats:
Wondershare Filmora software
Canon EOS Rebel T5 camera

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