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4 years ago

(Part 2/2) "Empress Of Mars" S10E9 - Discovering Doctor Who #118 (FULL REACTION/REVIEW)

Discovering Doctor Who w/ Papa Kenn (Episode #118)
(Part 2 of 2)
FULL REACTION/REVIEW OF: S10E9 - "Empress Of Mars" (2017)

Part 1:

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"TARDIS & PAPA KENN" Intro Made by:

Title Screen/Intro Music:
"Doctor" (Metal Doctor Who Theme) by King

Main Channel:

"Empress Of Mars" Summary/Synopsis:
When NASA discovers a message reading GOD SAVE THE QUEEN under the ice on Mars's surface, the Twelfth Doctor, Nardole, and Bill travel to the Red Planet to investigate it. On arrival, they find themselves embroiled in a conflict between the Ice Warriors and Empress Iraxxa, and Victorian soldiers — who are determined to conquer Mars. It's just the same, only this time the humans are the ones invading. Now which side should the Doctor help: humans, or Ice Warriors? One thing is clear: the Doctor must choose fast, as the slumbering Martian hive awakens around them. (via

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