5 years ago

HUG - They Don't Need Us We need them - A Puri Jagannadh's Film

Aakash Max
HUG | A Puri Jagannadh's Short Film

They don’t need us,
We need them....

Strongly Recommend Ear phones/Head Phones for this Video for the best Experience .
Starting the new year with a “HUG” Spread joy not only amongst mankind but also Mother Nature who keeps our life going #HugATree #PlantATree #Hug #MotherNature

HUG, My First ever Short Film ft. Isabella

Cast & Crew
Written & Directed By - Puri Jagannadh
Actress - Isabella
Music - Sandeep Chowta
Editing - Junaid Siddiqui
Voice Over - Katerina Krivenko
Visual Effects - Anil Paduri