6 years ago

8 Simple Guitar Chords That Beginners Can Play

http://playguitarnotes.com/beginners/basic-guitar-chords-for-beginners/ Most of the learning guitar is learning chords. For a beginner, there are eight incredibly commonly used chords that form the basis of a lot of modern music. Luckily, these chords are also quite easy compared to some more advanced ones!

First, it is important to know the names of the strings. Low E is the lowest sounding string, followed in ascending order by A, D, G, B, and high E. We will be referring to these strings for chord directions.

The simplest commonly used chord on the guitar is E minor, usually written as Em. Em is a great beginner chord because it only uses two fingers! This chord is comprised of the notes E, B, and G. Since E, B, and G are four of the open strings, we only need to play a B on the second fret of A, and an E on the second fret of D. Simple!

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