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Crazy arcade games and carnival games in Japan! Cosmo World Yokohama

The Crane Couple visits Cosmo World in Yokohama, Japan to play some crazy arcade games and carnival games! Cosmo World is a theme park with rides, attractions, carnival games and a big arcade filled with lots of fun and weird arcade games and prizes! We play games like UFO catchers and claw machines to stranger things like a soccer game and a ball bearing luck machine - let's see what we can win!

Want to see more carnival games, claw machine, UFO catcher, and other Japanese arcade fun? Check out our big playlist!

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Intro claw crane sound courtesy of

"Jump Into My Car" by Mike Kirin
"Anthem of a Quirky Hipster" by Rex Banner
"Screw That" by Four Stroke
"Slow Energy" by Young Rich Pixies
"Facebook" by Lady Lane
"Problem Child" by Young Rich Pixies License 385789

"Quirky Dog"
Kevin MacLeod (
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